Koko Spirometers

The KoKo Spirometer is the most accurate and sophisticated spirometer available in today?s market. It combines high performance with speed and simplicity of use.The KoKo Spirometer features a brass Fleisch pneumotach, long acclaimed by clinical researchers for its accuracy and durability.Independent validation shows that the KoKo Spirometer exceeds ATS 1994 recommendations for ambient and BTPS conditioned air.

The KoKo Spirometer uses the most comprehensive spirometry software available, allowing SVC, FVC, pre/post and MVV testing. Provocation testing is also possible using the Challenge Testing programme. Testing allows clear on-screen viewing of results and comparison with predicted and reference tests. Many standard report formats are included and these can be fully customised by users. Reports can be emailed if required.

Koko Spirometers

The KoKo is a unique spirometry system which combines a portable, hand-held unit with the power and storage capability of a computer system. The customizable software is designed to meet the demands of the most sophisticated spirometry user.

KoKo Pneumotach Spirometer

The KoKo Spirometer provides the opportunity to design reports, perform trend analysis, and offers two  incentive programs.  For challenge testing, upgrade the KoKo Spirometer to incorporate the Rosenthal Dosimeter into the instrument for the most advanced, controlled and reproducible aerosol delivery.


To monitor a patient's effort . . . Side-by-side Flow/Volume Loops and
Volume/Time graphics are displayed in "real time" during testing.
Post-bronchodilator FVC tests are instantly compared to the best pre-BD maneuver.
Graphs are overlaid both in real-time and also on the subsequently printed reports.

Post-bronchodilator FVC tests are instantly compared to the best pre-BD maneuver.
Graphs are overlaid both in real-time and also on the subsequently printed reports.

The built-in (WSIWYG object-oriented) report designer allows unlimited flexibility in reports. Any existing report can be edited or new reports can be created from scratch. All test graphics are sizable; text can be entered; fonts can be adjusted; logos and other graphics can be imported. Any test parameter can be easily selected from a menu to appear on the reports.

Multiple different graphic for kids and adults can dramatically improve test performance. The target value for each incentive is automatically adjusted based upon the patient?s best test.

KoKo Legend
Portable Spirometer

    KoKo Legend
  • Intuitive Touch Screen Operation
  • Hi-Resolution Incentive Display
  • Stores over 1000 patient test records on each compact flash memory card
  • Brilliant color touch display
  • Built-in printer as well as direct connection for 8 1/2” x 11” printing
  • Unique flexible orifice Pneumotach
  • Simple USB to KoKo Spirometry Software download
  • Uses industry standard KoKo Filters
  • Fully rechargeable battery operation
  • Optional modem and network connectivity

Call for availability! 1-800-217-1913

For years the KoKo Spirometer has been the leader in PC-based Spirometry. We’ve kept to our high standards in producing our first full-function Desktop Spirometer, at an affordable price.

The KoKo LEGEND, designed with an easy to operate color touch-screen, walks both physician and patient through standard testing procedures. Our realistic animated incentive graphic allows the FVC test to be performed with a real-time on-screen display.

Test results can easily be transferred to the KoKo PFT Spirometer Software via the standard USB cable.

KoKo Lengend
FVC, SVC, Pre-Post BD
Parameters Measured:
FVC, FEV.5, FEV.5/FVC%, FEV1, FEV1/FVC%, FEV3, FEV3/FVC%, FEV6, FEV6/FVC%, FEV1/FEV6%, +PEFR, FEF25%, FEF50%, FEF75%, FEF25-75%, FEF.2-1.2, FEF75-85%, Tpeak(mSec), Vext%, Vext(L), MET(S), Texp(S), Veot(L)
FIVC, FIV.5, FIV.5/FIVC, FIV1/FIVC, FIV3, FIV3/FIVC, PIFR, FIF50%, FIF25-75%, FIF.2-1.2, FIF50/FEF50, MIT(S), Tinsp(S)
Flexible Variable Orifice Pneumotachometer
Filter Requirement:
KoKoMoe (model #810000 or 819000)
Power Equipment:
Supplied external 100-240 VAC Switching Power Supply / Recharger, 12 VDC Output, 2.5 Amp.; Rechargeable internal NiMH battery.
< +/- 3% or 100 ml, whichever is greater
<+/- 0.5%
Volume Range:
+/- 16L
Flow Range:
+/- 16 L/s
< 1.5 cmH20/L/sec when tested with KoKoMoe filter
Memory Storage:
Estimated 1200 test series per 16 MB Card and complete flash memory
Software Compatibility KoKo PFT Spirometry Software version 4.5 or higher; operating on for Download: Windows 2000, XP or higher
Predicted Sets:
Hankinson (NHANES III), Crapo 1981, Polgar (Pediatrics), ERS 93 (ECCS), Perriera (Brazil),Gore (Australia)
Interpretation Algorithm:
McKay (ATS / ARRD 1991)
Formats for both Internal and External Printers:
FVC Standard Best, FVC Pre-Post Best, FVC Complete + SVC Best, FVC Complete + SVC Pre-Post Best, FVC V/T Full Size, FVC Pre-Post + V/T Full Size, FVC Standard Best 3, FVC Pre-Post Best 3
Incentive Graphics:
Photo-realistic Color Candles
Built-in internal Internet-ready Modem (optional); Built-in Ethernet port for automatic network connection (optional); Downloadable to KoKo PFT Software via built-in USB port; Uploadable patient demographics from KoKoPFT via built-in USB port.
Internal thermal printer and external parallel printer support (HP PCL3 format)
23.5 x 25.4 x 7.0 cm; 9.25 x 10.0 x 2.75 inches
1.6 kg; 3.6 lbs.
High-impact Polycarbonate
Operating Environment:
10 - 40°C; 0 – 80% relative humidity non-condensing at temperatures to 31°C
Use only supplied Class II Power adapter; Ordinary equipment (not protected against harmful ingress of moisture); Not suitable for use with flammable anesthetics; Suitable for continuous use
EMC Rating:
Radiation and conducted emissions and immunity per EN 60601-1-2
Performance standards:
ATS 1994 – properly measures all 26 flow-time waveforms; ERS; BTS; NIOSH; ACOEM
Quality standards:
Quality System Regulations - FDA QSR, ISO 9002, EN 46002
European Directives - MDD 93/42/EEC
Product Standards - EN 60601-1, 60601-1-1, 60601-1-2, 60601-1-4

MicroLoop Spirometer


MicroLoop Spirometer

The new MicroLoop is the ultimate pocket spirometer allowing high quality measurements to be made virtually anywhere. Featuring a bi-directional digital volume transducer with its proven accuracy and stability, the MicroLoop displays to its high resolution screen actual, predicted and percent predicted with the option of interpretation and lung age. The Spirometer is fully compatible with Spida 5 (TM) and is supplied with software to graph FEV1/FVC/PEF against time to allow an instant picture of patient performance.) The MicroLoop can be used as a remote data collection spirometer with a 90 flow/volume loop capacity, or as a PC spirometer system. The new MicroLoop also has a wide variety of print options allowing full 8 x 11 reports to be generated directly.

SpiroPro Spirometer

SpiroPro Spirometer

The Reliant conveniently measures pulmonary function parameters (FVC, FEV1, FEF2575, PEF...) and displays the complete Flow/Volume loop. The response to bronchodilator medication (Pre/Post) and serial spirometry measurements (Date/Time) can be used to follow patients in the office, at home or at work. An internal spirometry evaluation LOGIC program can provide an assessment of the results for immediate clinical review. The Reliant is engineered to easily make accurate measurements in:
  • Medical Office or Clinic. 
  • Patient Bedside or ER. 
  • Worksite (Occupational Asthma). 
  • Self administered in the Patients' Home. 

Features The Reliant uses a simple graphic/icon based user interface screen. Patient demographic data can be entered, including alphanumeric data, using the touch screen. Picture-based navigation and the logical menu structure make data entry, collection of spirometry data, and the viewing or printing of tabular and graphic results simple. The Reliant can easily maintain multiple patient files with multiple spirometry records for each patient in the integrated onboard data base.

The Reliant creates a Pulmonary Function Report, including a customized report heading, patient demographic information, tabular and graphic results, including reference "normal" Flow/Volume loop.Reports can be printed directly from the Reliant to a PCL compatible printer (e.g., HP Deskjet series). Data can be exchanged with a PC using the optional Reliant for Windows software and the serial data interface. The Reliant pneumotachometer is positioned within a removable sleeve that can be replaced or removed for easy disinfection.

System Description
Reliant is a complete measuring and diagnostic system for measurement, recording and assessment of the Flow/Volume parameters and Flow/Volume curve. The evaluated data can be printed directly to a PCL-compatable printer.

Control unit
A microprocessor provides input and output, acquisition, storage and analysis as well as communication with external equipment, such as printer and PC.


QRS Spirometer


QRS Spirometer

WinDX Spirometer

WinDX Spirometer
FeaturesThe DX-PC spirometry system is a computer-based pulmonary function analyzer which combines the accuracy andportability of a pneumotachometer with the sophistication and processing power of a modern personal computer.Solid-state parts such as a temperature probe, linear pressure drop sensor and pressure transducer ensure continuous accurate BTPS correction with no artifact. Our units are CE approved and ISO 9001/EN 46001 certified and exceed all medical and government spirometry standards including the ECCS, ATS, OSHA and ACCP specifications. In addition, the DX-PC has telemedicine and networking capabilities. The telemedicine feature allows communication via a modem.

The WinDX is a WindowsTM based Spirometry system that incorporates all of the hardware and software features of our popular DOS-based Platinum Series with the power and sophisticationof WindowsTM. It offers customized printouts, review screens and tailored test reports that range from single test, pre- or post-med test, to building your own. In addition to the point-and-click user-friendly features, the user can easily manage multiple patient testing and file handling. The online help feature allows the user to view Help Video clips that cover the most frequently asked topics. Our units are certified by CE and ISO 9001/ EN46001 and exceed all industry standards for accuracy and test repeatability.


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