Model 300 Specifications

Oxygen                  Display	        Two 3-digit, 7-segment LED
Saturation and                        1.1cm (0.4 in) high characters
Pulse Rate
			  Resolution	  1% SpO2 or 1 beat/minute (BPM)
			  Range		  SpO2:	 0-100%
					  Pulse: 25-250 BPM
			  Accuracy	  SpO2:	 100-70%, ?2%
					  	 69-60%, ?3%
					  	 Less than 60% unspecified
					  Pulse: 25-250 BPM, ?2

General Size 19.05cm L x 8.89cm W x 3.5 cm H Sensor (7? in L x 3? in W x ?/8 in H) Compatibility Weight 460 gms (1.01 Lbs) with batteries Uses all Palco Opto-Plethysmographic Sensors
Power Source Battery Type 6 "AA" Alkaline batteries or NiCad rechargeable version Battery Life "AA" Alkaline version - 8 hours in continuous NiCad version - 12 hours operation Adaptor 120V, 60Hz AC to 12V DC, or for 230V, 50Hz AC to 12V DC rechargeable version

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