AirLife Brand Misty Max 10

* An advanced jet design for fast treatment times
* Provide fine particles with a tighter distribution (higher percentage of respirable particles) than conventional nebulizers

Our AirLife brand Misty Max 10 disposable nebulizers deliver fast and effective treatment more efficiently to a wide range of patients. They feature a one-piece jet design that delivers high output rates, resulting in faster treatment times and consistent medication delivery.

A full 10cc capacity provides medication dosing flexibility. The anti-spill design helps prevent medication waste and allows the unit to be used at an angle to accommodate various patient positions.

Nebulizer with bacteria filter provides protection and convenience through its utilization of a reservoir and one-way valves for administration of medicated aerosol. The aerosol is contained within the nebulizer system instead of freely flowing into the surrounding air.

The chart below provides the in vitro performance characteristics of the AirLife brand Misty Max 10 nebulizer. In vitro measurements will help guide the end user as to the likelihood of effective delivery of inhaled medication to the lower respiratory tract.

PARI Vortex

The Non-electrostatic chamber of the PARI VORTEX® ensures that patients receive a more consistent medication dose- treatment after treatment, day after day. In addition, the PARI VORTEX® features a unique cyclonic inspiratory flow pattern, which further enhances aerosol delivery for patients with low tidal volume. This means more aerosol particles stay in suspension and are available for inhalation. It's optimal delivery, at the patient's fingertips.

PARIBubbles The Fish II

Pediatric Aerosol Mask

Face masks should only be used with the Vortex® Non electrostatic Valved Holding Chamber. The Vortex® face masks should not be used with any other Pari products since this could cause improper treatment or suffocation hazard.

PARI Trek S Compact Compressor

PARI TREK® S compact compressor is an innovative portable compressor with the power of a tabletop unit. With the optional DC adaptor and rechargable battery, the PARI ® S gives you the freedom to take treatments whever you want to go. The TREK S is PARI's smallest cmpressor, weighing less than a pound, and one of the quietest available. At about the size of a handheld cassette player, the compressor is easy to carry in a bag and take with you on life's daily adventures.

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