Crossvent 4 Display Menus


Main Menu

The Main menu offers control over the CV-4's modalities. These include:

  • Baby (continuous flow)
  • Adult

Also available in this menu:

  • Inspiratory Effort
  • SIMV Rate
  • Pressure Support

Click the top row.

Secondary Menu-Sigh, Auto Shift, Plateau, Nebulizer

Secondary Menu

The Secondary Menu provides control over these additional functions:

  • Sigh
  • Auto Shift
  • Plateau
  • Nebulizer

Click on top row.

Alarm 1 Menu

Alarm 1 Menu

In the Alarm 1 Menu, high and low limits are set for:

  • Peak Pressure
  • Rate
  • Oxygen concentration
  • Exhaled Tidal Volume

Click on top row.

Alarm 2 Menu

Alarm 2 Menu

In the Alarm 2 Menu, high and low limits are set for:

  • PEEP Pressure
  • Mean Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Pressure Wave Index (PWI)

Click on top row.

View Menu

View Menu

The View Menu is an information menu showing:

  • Corrected Volume
  • Inspiratory Time
  • Expiratory Time
  • Plateau Pressure
  • Spontaneous Exhmv

Click on top row.

Options Menu - Waveforms Illustrated

Options Menu

The Options Menu Provides access to:

  • lung mechanics information
  • graphic waveforms

Click on top row.


	Parameter		Range

	Rate			5-150 bpm

	Tidal Volume		5-2500 ml

	Flow Rate		1-120 lpm

	Peak Pressure		0-120 cmH2O

	PEEP Pressure		0-35 cmH2O

	Inspiratory Effort	-10 to -.2 cmH2O

	Pressure Cycle		1-120 cmH2O

	Pressure Support	0-50 cmH2O

	SIMV Rate		.6-30 bpm

	Plateau			10-33% I

	Shift Delay		10-30 sec.

	O2 Sensor		0-100%

	Continuous Flow		0-29 lpm

	Sigh			0-2500 ml

Ventilation Modes Montitors/Alarms Standard Optional Physical Characteristics
Size: 10"x4" (22.5 cm x 16.25 cm x 10.6 cm)
Weight: 9 lbs. (3.6 kg)

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