Electronic Asthma Monitors


Piko-1 The PiKo-1 is one of the world's most sophisticated tools for managing asthma at home. Unlike traditional mechanical meters, which only measure peak flow, the electronic PiKo-1 also measures FEV1, considered by many asthma specialists to be a more reliable indicator of an impending asthma attack. The advanced functions of the PiKo-1 are available at a price comparable with mechanical meters.

  • FEV1 measurement
  • Increased accuracy in the measurement of conventional PEF
  • Test storage of the last 96 measurements, plus the Q-Factor and/or Cough Marker
  • Test quality alerts to indicate an abnormal blow or cough as indicated by ATS
  • Ease of use – pocket size with only one operating button
  • Optional companion PiKoTrend Software allows asthma specialists to track and trend patient data. Interface is via a wireless infrared data communication cradle
  • Specifications


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    Asthma Monitor AM1

    Am 1

    Outpatient Monitoring AM1: A Reliable Partner for Doctors and Patients

    For chronic care patients, such as asthmatics, reliable trend results are the basis for an effective therapy. So why not choose a measuring system that offers more than conventional monitoring systems?

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    The Asthma Monitor AM1 measures and saves all relevant expiratory flow-volume parameters, such as PEF, FEV1, FEV and MEF. Additionally, the AM registers symptoms, events and medication including severity and dose, so that patients are able to assess their current condition. By enabling chronic care patients to be monitored effectively at home, the AM1 allows you to perfectly adjust medicine and dose for a tailor-made and successful therapy.

    Based on the entered personal best value, the traffic light provides information on the patient's current asthmatic condition. Thus, the patient is warned early enough to take the necessary measures.

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    Asthma Monitor AM2

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    Asthma Check?

    Peak Flow Meter

    The Asthma Check? peak flow meter measures a patient?s peak expiratory flow and helps in monitoring respiratory conditions such as asthma. Its built-in, three-zone system facilitates patient training and compliance and allows for flexibility in setting the zones to meet patients? individual needs.

    Measuring only 2.25" x 6", the meter meets ATS standards for accuracy and precision. The Asthma Check? meter is equipped with an easy-grip handle to direct hands away from the airflow path and features a linear scale that measures from 60 to 810L/min. in increments of 10L/min. Designed for single-patient use, the device can be cleaned with soap and water and is top-rack dishwasher safe. Disposable one-way valve mouthpieces are also available to offer protection from cross contamination during multipatient screenings ? ask your sales or customer service representative for details. 10 peak flow meters per case.


    The PeakTM

    Peak Flow Meter

    The Peak

    The PeakTM: Creative Biomedics, Inc., has been manufacturing The PeakTM individualized peak flow meter for several years. These units are sold worldwide for both clinical and home use. Each peak flow meter comes with a personal diary log and reusable mouthpiece. The unit can be customized to each patient's needs by using the handy colored stickers that are provided. These units are certified by CE and ISO 9001/EN46001 and vastly exceed ATS-26 and NAEP standards.

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