Micro RPM

Micro RPM

The Respiratory Pressure Meter is a new hand held device for the assessment of respiratory muscle strength and features a clear digital display of either expiratory or inspiratory pressure measured in cmH2O. Combining both accuracy and simplicity at an economical price the Micro RPM is eminently suitable for use by all healthcare professionals.


  • Small, lightweight and portable. 
  • Competitively priced and supplied complete with all necessary accessories. 
  • Easy to use. 
  • Provides digital display of both expiratory and inspiratory pressure. 
  • Minimal maintenance and easy to clean. 
  • Solid state transducer for accuracy and long term stability.

Customer Benefits
The  RPM utilizes the latest piezo resistive pressure sensing technology to achieve accuracy and long term stability in a simple to use hand held unit. The sophisticated electronics calculate the maximum effort sustained for at least one second and display this result in cmH2O.

Ease of Use
The strength of the respiratory muscles may be easily measured and displayed on the easy to read, liquid crystal display. The transducer assembly is simple to remove for cleaning to allow a high level of hygiene at all times. The complete unit and accessories are housed in a rugged carrycase for use anywhere.

Design Innovation
An ergonomically designed unit of distinctive appearance. The textured handgrip encourages easy and reassuring use for both adults and children. The Micro RPM is small and lightweight and is moulded from high impact ABS for durability and is virtually maintenance free.


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