Capnocheck®  Sleep Capnograph/Oximeter

The Capnocheck® Sleep Capnograph/Oximeter was designed with the sleep environment in mind.  This Quiet System  provides reliable measurements of CO2 and SpO2 in one affordable unit, and can be used for sleep screening as well as lab-based sleep studies.  This next generation system utilizes Serial Autocorrelation (SAC) digital pulse oximetry technology for reliable SpO2 measurements, and the breath by breath CO2 detection and display is ideal where fast response to patient change is needed.

Catalog #9004-050 Capnocheck® Sleep Capnograph
            #9004-051 Capnocheck® Sleep Capnograph/Oximeter
U.S. Patent Nos. 5,386,833; 5,437,275

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Capnocheck®  Sleep Capnograph/Oximeter
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Capnocheck® II Capnograph/Oximeter or Capnograph

The Capnocheck® II Hand-Held CO2/SpO2 Monitor provides measurements of End Tidal CO2, respiration rate, SpO2 and pulse rate with N2O compensation, for patients pediatric to adult.  The monitor utilizes a LCD backlit display with on-screen trending and high and low alarm limits for all parameters.  A protective rubber boot is also included, and the infrared serial interface allows downloading patient information to a printer.  This highly portable hand-held monitor is ideal for EMS, Emergency Rooms, Recovery Rooms, and intra-hospital transport.

This product is also available as a Capnograph Only, or with Serial Autocorrelation (SAC) Digital Oximetry Technology.

Catalog #8400 (Capnograph/Oximeter)
Catalog #8401 (Capnograph only)

U.S. Patent Nos. 5,386,833

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Capnocheck® II Capnograph/Oximeter or Capnograph
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Capnocheck® Plus Capnograph
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Capnocheck® Plus Capnograph

The Capnocheck® Plus Capnograph, the second monitor in the Clarity® Series, is a stand-alone, bedside or transportable capnograph.  This monitor incorporates sidestream technology for applications on both intubated and non-intubated patients.  Waveforms and numeric values are easily viewed at all angles.  Data can be stored and recalled with either on-screen trends, a printer, or a personal computer.

SpO2 and FiO2 technology also available.

Catalog #9004
U.S. Patent No. 5,386,833

Specifications Sheet

Model 9847(Full Alarm)Pulse Oximeter and Carbon Dioxide Detector


Model 9847
(Full Alarm)
Pulse Oximeter and
Carbon Dioxide Detector

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  • Patient Alarms: Apnea, SpO2, Pulse Rate, and Pulse Quality
  • Equipment Alarms: Battery, CO2 Sensor, and SpO2 Sensor
  • Tri-color Pulse Quality Indicator
  • Breath Beep (variable pitch)
  • "Audible Alarm Disabled" Indicator
  • Digital SpO2 and Pulse Rate Displays
  • Bar Graph CO2 Display


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